Actuation Components


Pacbrake’s pneumatic actuators are known for their reliability and lengthy service life. Constructed with a stainless steel body and shaft, these actuators have excellent corrosion resistance enabling them to withstand the most demanding conditions. Depending on the application, Pacbrake’s actuators are available as a single acting or double acting design. Either of these designs are available with return springs which can act as both a simpler method of control, as well as a fail-safe measure. Various seal materials can be recommended depending on the operating temperatures of your application.

Some of Pacbrake’s customers do not have an onboard air compressor. If a pneumatic supply is not available for your application, Pacbrake can supply a hydraulic actuator to eliminate the pneumatic requirement. These hydraulic linear actuators can be supplied as a single acting or double acting design, with or without a return spring.



Pacbrake offers various vacuum and air solenoid configurations to meet any specialty requirement or mounting location. Our engineered commercial-duty and severe-duty solenoids have been through some of the toughest testing grounds the world has to offer.

With experience designing cost effective hydraulic and pneumatic solenoids that meet unique and technically demanding requirements of project applications, Pacbrake is capable of adding solenoid control to your product.


  • Vacuum and air solenoids
  • 2 and 3 way solenoid configurations
  • Stackable applications available
  • 12 and 24 volt solenoids rated for automotive use
  • Severe-duty applications