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PowerHalt Air Intake Emergency Shut Off Valves

June 1, 2014

Pacbrake is proud to announce the release of PowerHalt: Air Intake Emergency Shut-Off Valves for diesel engines. The PowerHalt prevents diesel engine runaway by providing an emergency shutdown feature to the air intake system on a diesel engine.

Diesel engines being used in industrial environments are subject to external hydrocarbons being introduced into the atmosphere and then being sucked into the air intake systems. This dangerous situation occurs commonly at chemical plants, refineries, drilling sites or any environment where hydrocarbons are being produced. In this state, the engine can experience uncontrolled combustion in which it overspeeds at higher and higher RPMs until it destroys itself either due to mechanical failure or seizure through lack of lubrication.

Pacbrake’s PowerHalt is designed to starve the engine of air to safely and effectively shut it down – eliminating the risk of combustion.
Check out www.pacbrake.com/powerhalt for complete product details.