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Answers To Popular Questions About Air Bag Suspension Kits

July 12, 2014

Air bag suspensions kits are increasingly popular these days and for good reasons. First of all, they can be installed on any vehicle and they can considerably improve the comfort level of the driver and his passengers, even when driving on a surface that is not really that smooth. However, most car owners are still not aware of all the advantages and features of air bag suspension kits. If you want to get such a product for your vehicle in the near future and you are not sure that this is a great idea, here are a few pieces of information that might erase all your doubts.

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How much do air bag suspensions cost?

This depends on two important factors: the auto shop where the air bag suspensions are installed and the type of air bag suspension kit that is going to be installed on the vehicle. More complex air bag suspension kits might require more labour and effort on behalf of the technicians and as a result, the installation process will eventually be a little bit more expensive. Still, most installations revolve around the $1000 mark and in some cases, air bag suspensions can be professionally installed for much less than that. Also, these products are very durable, so they worth every penny.

Do air bag suspensions require some sort of maintenance?

Not really. Drivers might be advised to empty the air tanks every few months in order to ensure the correct functionality of the air bag suspensions. Also, any water that is being infiltrated in the air ride system must be drained at least once a month as well. These operations can be performed quickly by any driver, regardless of skill or experience.

Are air bag suspensions reliable?

Yes, definitely. In most cases, properly maintained air bag suspensions can actually last longer than other types of suspensions from the market. However, in order to enjoy reliable and efficient air bag suspensions, it is very important that the installation process is performed by an experienced specialist. Drivers who want to take shortcuts and install the air bag suspension kit by themselves might make mistakes and their air ride setup won’t be as durable and efficient as possible.

Can air bag suspensions be used during winter times?

Yes, absolutely. Low temperatures don’t stop drivers to take full advantage of the air bag suspension kits installed on their vehicles and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride during winters. Still, a few maintenance operations might be required. For example, a small amount of air brake antifreeze must be added into the air tanks in order to prevent condensation from freezing valves, fittings and other air ride components. Also, the air tanks must be emptied once a month during cold seasons as well.

How many inches can air bag suspensions raise my car?

This depends on the suspension kit installed on the vehicle, the weight of the car and several other factors, but usually air bag suspensions can raise a vehicle with about 4 or 5 inches.

If you have other questions related to air bag suspension kits, contact us today and speak with one of our specialists for more details.